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Donald J. Horan, CPP, is the founder and principal of Loss Control Concepts, a consulting practice providing loss prevention solutions to the retail industry since 1996.   He is the author of the industry text The Retailer's Guide to Loss Prevention and Security, a distillation of his more than thirty years of executive experience in a variety of retail sectors. The scope of his professional accomplishment has enabled him to formulate practical and cost-conscious solutions for hundreds of companies burdened with shrink-related losses.

Equally relevant, the lucidity of both his oral and written presentation, in a field where jargon too frequently passes for knowledge, has allowed him to excel as an expert witness, guest speaker, corporate trainer, and contributor for a variety of industry publications.  (Learn More)



Shrink Control Programs
Shrink Control is an often overlooked opportunity to strengthen margins, manage inventory, grow profitability, and deliver a competitive edge.  Small retail companies that cannot support an in-house loss prevention department can now access the professional expertise needed to develop and implement proven shrink control programs customized to specific retail environments. (Learn More)

Litigation Support – Expert Witness and case consultations for both plaintiff and defense in matters of premises liability, unlawful detention, malicious prosecution and tortious conduct related to retail shoplifting apprehensions and employee investigations. (Learn More)


Management Workshops & Training Seminars
- Topical presentations that energize and educate retail management on protecting assets from loss, including shoplifting prevention and employee theft for store line managers, and litigation avoidance for loss prevention personnel.  (Learn More)

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Retailers and Start-Up Programs
Too often small retailers
disseminate loss prevention functions throughout the organization – store operations, finance, human resources – and the effort becomes diluted without centralized expertise.  LCC will design an unobtrusive shrink reduction program that is compatible with your business, and provide only those procedural enhancements that can co-exist easily with store line operations.   (Learn More)

Turnaround Opportunities and Distressed Companies
– Lenders, private equity groups, and turnaround  professionals play key roles in restructuring struggling companies, and
preserving the assets is a critical component to success.  LCC is uniquely positioned to deliver proven loss prevention initiatives that protect stakeholder interests during periods of transition.  (Learn More)

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