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Improving Operating Performance Through Loss Prevention

Shrink Control is an often overlooked opportunity to strengthen margins, manage inventory, grow profitability, and deliver a competitive edge.  Small
retail companies that cannot support an in-house loss prevention department can now access the professional expertise needed to develop and implement proven shrink control methods customized to specific retail environments.

The following product offerings have been among the most heavily requested services to date:

Shrink Control Program Development

Full procedural and training support for implementing inventory control and loss prevention initiatives at store level.  Analysis of primary shrink sources within a client company assures that remedial steps adopted address problem areas and locations, whether they be systemic in nature, or attributable to certain merchandise categories, or concentrated in store-specific, hi-risk locations.    

Physical Security Rev

On-site security assessments for stores, warehouse/distribution facilities, and corporate offices provide insight into correctable vulnerabilities.  Operational readiness of security systems, functionality of locking hardware, key control, password management, and cash controls are evaluated with actionable recommendations for reducing exposure to loss.

Management Workshops and Training Seminars 

Building accountability for shrink performance throughout the company starts with employee training.  Educating employees about the elements of inventory shrink is essential if ownership of shrink results is to rest with store management and department heads.  LCC can augment company training initiatives with timely and topical presentations that are subject-specific and transition easily from the class room to the selling floor.  Seminars and workshops are structured for both senior management at the corporate level and store management at the regional level, with emphasis on empowering employees through awareness and improved supervisory skills.

Store Level Compliance Auditing

A proven adage in business is that one can expect only what one is willing to inspect.  Loss prevention standards and policies require frequent inspection for management to have reasonable assurance that procedural adherence is effectually maintained.  Compliance auditing offers dual benefits; not only is a company able to rate its procedural effectiveness, 
but the process itself is invaluable as a hands-on training tool for store management to grasp the necessity and value of high standards and controls.


Incident Management and Business Investigations

Occasionally situations arise where management is best served by independent review and inquiry.  Smaller companies may lack the expertise to conduct internal investigations arising from financial irregularities, reports of employee or executive misconduct, or adverse incidents of an external nature that threaten the company's brand and reputation.  LCC is a valuable resource for independent assessment and guidance, adding integrity and expertise to the resolution process.


Small Retailers and Start-Up Programs

Too often small retailers disseminate loss prevention functions throughout the organization – store operations, finance, human resources – and the effort becomes diluted without centralized expertise.  LCC will design an unobtrusive shrink reduction program that is compatible with your business, and provide only those procedural enhancements that can co-exist easily with store line operations.                                          


Our loss prevention start-up programs are educational and impactful in the short term, and flexible enough to be self-administered in the long term.  Small retailers need not incur frivolous expense reacting to loss prevention concerns haphazardly, when the same investment can instead bring an informed, foundational solution.  

Whether introducing or enhancing the loss prevention message throughout the company, empowering store management through training and procedural support remains key.





















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